Who We Are
  • Company Introduction

          Jingjiang Mitong PEEK Co,Ltd specializes in researching and developing applicable Polyetheretherketone(PEEK),Polyimide(PI)and other high-quality engineering plastics with high industrial standard,and has applied them into actual using area in form of profile,bars,sheet,pipe and faliment.

           Company's worldwide cooperation with research institutes,material suppliers and customers has aggressively motivated high-performance engineering plastic's applications in many areas,such as analysting and testing instruments,automobile,electronic semiconductors,packaging machine,medical equipment and many other areas.This kind of cooperation has innovated the technology and improved products wildly.

    ◇ Formula design and Composite modification of PEEK,PI
    ◇ Injection Molding and Machining of PEEK,PI
    ◇ Mapping and 3D printing according to actual plastic products
    ◇ Design and Manufacturing of high-performance plastic's injection mold
    ◇ Cooperate with customers to research and develop new engineering plastic
    ◇ Manufacturing around 1000 kinds of mould in different industries,such as automobile,electronic semiductors,textile printing and dyeing machinery,packaging machinery,medical equipment,petrochemical machinery,nuclear industry and many other industries.
    ◇ Continuous extrusion of PEEK sheets,bars,tubes and boards